A Modern Mason Examines His Craft - Fact vs. Fiction by Helms

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Fact versus Fiction. Curiosity about the history of certain practices utilized in Masonic Lodges, concern about the confusion and misinformation that is prevalent even among tenured Freemasons--resulted in the writing of this informative volume. Why was Freemasonry considered by many individuals to be anti-Catholic? Why is there such an emphasis on secrecy in a day and age when every aspect of the Craft's ceremonies can be obtained by the curious non-Mason in 100 different books?? Any other questions. Soft cover, 96 pages. A Macoy Published Book ISBN 9780880530651 Helms states that there appears to be misunderstandings in separating the historical truths of the origins and aims of Freemasonry and the web of fiction that surrounds it. Read how unravels the myths of Masonic symbols and masonry in general.

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