Masonic tie black with rows of Square & Compasses with yellow emblems

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Masonic tie black with rows of Square & Compasses with yellow emblems. Fraternal ties for the well dressed Mason.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

More Than Meets The Eye

Review by Andrew on 12/28/2013

The order menu lies to you. It tells you that you can order silver emblems, but this is not true, the emblems will be gold. Therefore I can only rate this product as "good". In any case this is a very nice tie, and there is much more detail in the design than can actually be seen in the picture. Just remember, no silver emblems, they will be gold even if you do select it from the drop-down menu.

Great Looking Tie

Review by Marvin on 8/21/2014

It was as I ordered, with gold S&C's. I just have to relearn how to tie a real tie. Too many years not wearing one, now I have a reason to wear one. Very well made tie.

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