George Washington: Master Mason

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This is one of the few books which approaches the man from a human interest standpoint. Here we learn what the man was really like--how his friends, neighbors, soldiers, and statesmen regarded him. The author has let Washington tell his own story. His own words, as he wrote them, are used throughout this story of his life. From his birth to his death, we learn what influenced Washington. We find that he was far ahead of his time. Learn things about Washington you never knew before. Five original sketches by Ronald M. LeHew.Hard cover with jacket. 222 pages. Index. Bibliography. 53 Illustrations. Map End Papers. A Macoy Published Book,ISBN 9780880530606 Roberts covers areas in Washington's life such as medals, academic honors, Municipal and Fraternal Honors, and his Masonic activities. Alist of Founding Fathers who Freemasons is also included.

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