Masonic Three Cigar Holder

Price: $39.00
  • SKUE140

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Leather Cigar holder with Cutter. Holds Three cigars and can be personalized with your initials.

The AMANCY cigar case was established in 2002 and is well known for its elegant cigar cases that are 100% natural. The AMANCY Cigar Case is made of actual leather and can hold 3 cigars of 6.5 inches each and upto 54 ring gauges.There is a cigar cutter as well that comes with the case that is made of stainless steel. The dimension of this case is 7*3.6*1.4 and it is delivered in an elegant box meant for gifting purposes.  The weight of the case is 7 ounces.

As per customer reviews it has got 4.6 stars out 5 and has been appreciated by most cigar lovers. The product also comes with a warranty.