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The Questing Mind is a Salient Characteristic of a Freemason

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This is a published collection of John Lilburn Cooper III written contributions to the California Freemason magazine, the award-winning member publication of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of California.

Volume 1 of this collection begins with the first publication of that column in 1999 and ends with the article published in August 2014.  There are 71 articles in all, which range in subject matter from the meaning of Masonic symbols to historic Masonic events to the ideas of those now famous in Masonic history and lore. Many of the articles give us a look back in time to periods of significance in the craft. They also speak to the Modern Mason (or interested person) who is searching for truth and knowledge in his own life.

Through these articles, John shares important ideas that are the basis for what he calls "Masonic formation" - the life-long process of becoming a Mason, understanding Masonic Teachings and applying them to our daily lives. 

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