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It is intended for the one who wishes to advance in Masonic information and become adept and take an active part in lodge work. Gives the origins of the Craft, its history, organization into lodges and Grand Lodges, its relation to the civil government, and more. Soft covers, 236 pages.ISBN 9780880530316 Renowned Masonic Author Allen Roberts said about H.L. Haywood's work, "this sums up his deep abiding lover for The Craft. It sums up his love for his Freemason. It's a fitting epitaph" This book covers such items as Masonic Jurisdiction, Masonic Comity, Masonry and Ethics, Masonry self-disciplined, Anit-Masonry, Masonic Parliamentary law, Qualifications for Masonry and much more. A Macoy Published Book

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