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English Freemasonry and the First World War

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How did lodges cope with their members being called up to fight? 
 What was the experience of the fighting freemason- and the freemason in captivity? 
 When it became clear that casualties were on a large scale, the Grand Lodge organised a Roll of Honour and individual lodges produced their own memorials and after the war the Grand Lodge faced new challenges at home and abroad.
 This fascinating, informative and richly illustrated book covers: 
 ·        The Masonic World in 1914
 ·        Men at War - the serving Brethren and volunteers
 ·        Prisoners of War
 ·        Roll of Honour and Memorials
 ·        Trench Art
 ·        Charity
 ·        Post War World

Paperback, 96 pages


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