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Secret Handshakes and Rolled-Up Trouser Legs

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Secret Handshakes and Rolled-up Trouser Legs takes its title from the fact that the few things that most non-Masons are able to say about Freemasonry are that it is a secret society, whose members attend meetings where they wear aprons, identify each other by secret handshakes and roll-up their trouser legs.

The book does not set out in any way to proselytise; neither does it attempt to justify the case for the existence of Freemasonry. Indeed, having read the book, the reader may well still continue to be left feeling antagonistic towards the Order - but at least he will be better informed as to the reasons why.

Appealing not only to the non-Mason inquisitive about Freemasonry but also to the relatively new Freemason who wants to know more about the organisation he has joined.

Written by a senior Freemason with the non-Mason specifically in mind, the book attempts to redress the balance by providing an opportunity for the reader to find out what Freemasonry is all about, it also provides a source book for the Freemasons who may need to answer questions asked by friends and family.

The book answers such questions as:

How do you become a Freemason ?

Why do Masons wear aprons?

What really goes on in a lodge room?

Why do Freemasons roll up their trouser leg?

Is there really a 'funny handshake'?

Are there such things as woman Freemasons?

Do Freemasons really get the best jobs, get off speeding tickets and always get planning permission?

It also contains information on subjects including P2, the Priory of Zion and Freemasonry's compatibility with religion.

Paperback, 128 pages, 210 x 148mm

ISBN 9780853184416