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Alternative Masonic Addresses for the Craft Degrees

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Would you like to make your next Lodge meeting special? Would you like to include something that even the Past Masters may not have seen before?

Whether it be the beautiful and inspiring "Long Goodbye" at the closing of the Lodge or the dramatic and memorable Initiates chain or even a variation of an existing presentation; why not make your next Lodge meeting one to remember with one of our alternative workings and addresses?

 With over 25 traditional variations of Masonic address charges and presentations, this is the ideal title to help you keep the ritual fresh and exciting in your Lodge



Additional and Alternative Addresses to Officers  Alternative Address to I. P. M.    

Alternative Address to S. W.    
Alternative Address to J. W.     
Address to Chaplain    
Addition to Address to Secretary    
Address to D. C. and A. D. C.    
Address to Almoner    
Address to Organist    
Address to Stewards    
Alternative Address to Stewards    
Address to Charity Steward    
An Explanation to the First Degree Tracing Board    
Additional Explanation to the Second Degree Tracing Board    
An Alternative and Longer Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board
A Longer Explanation of the Second Degree Working Tools    
Charge after Passing    
Charge after Raising    
Additional Explanation of an Entered Apprentice’s Apron    
The Long Presentation of the Entered Apprentice’s Apron    
Presentation of a Fellowcraft’s Apron    
Presentation of a Master Mason’s Apron    
The Long Closing in the First Degree    
Calling Off    
Calling On    
Presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate    
Presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate – (alternative version)    
The Initiate’s Chain    
Addresss on Transferring
a Hall-Stone Jewel    
The Opening and Closing of Grand Lodge and of Provincial and District
Grand Lodges    
Announcements of Rehearsal    
Test Questions of the M. M. Degree    
Grand Lodge    
Provincial Grand Lodge    
Private Lodges    
The Tyler’s Toast    
The Lodge of Sorrow    
Grand Lodge Certificate Presentation – (alternative version)    
An Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board    
The Walking Charge 
The White Gloves    

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