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Lewis Masonic Jewel with Engrave-able Bars

Price: $70.50
  • SKU3895
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A Lewis is 'a three-pronged iron cramp that is inserted in a prepared cavity in stone by which it may be lowered and lifted with precision'.   In Freemasonry a Lewis represents strength.  If you have any questions regarding engraving your bar please call our toll free @ 800-637-4640. We would be happy to help you process your personalization.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )


Review by Jay on 9/15/2017

I've several of these shirts and love them. Good quality and the best price for custom embroidery. Highly recommended.


Review by Jeremy on 9/15/2017

Jeremy, Senior Warden, I ordered a Lewis Jewel and expected it to take a week or two to be finished, but I got a call just 2 days after ordering it saying it was ready to be picked up! Great service!

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