OES New Member Needs It! Gift Set *This item is delayed*

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A gift set to save yourself some money and have some of the things you need! It includes: OES Gloves, OES Scarf, Unlined OES Members Sash, OES Flower pin, OES Sash Clip, The Second Mile Book, and Starlight Catechism.

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New Members Gift Set

Review by Sis. Patricia Sims on 12/31/2010

It is a wonderful thing that someone was thoughtful enough to think of a idea that could assist new members into the order. Could one somehow come up with a price to include the "fez" that is needed to cover the new sister head. I know it would be very appreciate and welcome to get all the items needed at one time. Thanking you for giving me the time to state my opinion on the subject matter.

Awesome Idea

Review by Sis. Renee' Williams on 4/19/2011

This is the best idea one could come up with! This is the perfect gift to the end of a long initiation night!! The price is perfect. I'm not so concerned about the Fez. That can come later. I applaud you Macoy for this idea!!

Perfect Gift

Review by DELANIOR DAVIS on 9/18/2011

This was sent to me as a gift.. It was awsome!!!! I am new to the Order so this was a welcomed and much needed gift. i would buy i and recommend it again...


Review by gimmeabrekplez on 5/17/2012

OES new member gift set


Review by Glenda on 10/11/2017

Every Order I've place with McCoy has been a quality product. Have never received an order late.

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