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Card Bundle with NO envelops (You pay shipping) - SOLD AS IS NO RETURNS

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Price: $236.50
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Six different kinds of cards.  Various Amounts with NO ENVELOPS. 

* A Note of Cheer - Inside says "The Officers and Members regret to learn of you illness and join in sending this little message to let you know of our many Thoughts and Good wishes that are with you."

* A Get-Well Message from All of Us - Inside says " It will be good to include in our Lodge notice that you are improving everyday and that it won't be long Until you're well in every way!"

* Best Wishes - Inside says " For a speedy recovery from your Officers and Members"

* Saints John's Day in Winter -  Inside says " In the tradition of our ancient brethren.  Holiday Greetings and may the year to come be filled with fraternal friendship and brotherly love."

* Our Sympathy - Inside says " to let you know out thoughts are with you  today and every tomorrow."

* Out Sympathy - Inside sasy " Expressing most sincere sympathy"